Things to know for starting Fruits and Vegetables Business

Starting Fruits and vegetables trading business need sales experience, knowledge of seasonal nature of the fresh produce and most important aspect is relationship building skills to stand in the market.

Any business we start, if should earn profits. Fruits and Vegetables business can get your hands on a successful industry. Technological advancement in agriculture can give you great returns with optimal cost and work.

For starting any business, you need to do thorough analysis of particular industry / market. You need to answer yourself below questions with regard to fruits and vegetable market to arrive at blue print for your business start:

  1. What is the exact activity you will do?
  2. Who will be your customers, how you can tap them?
  3. Size of deals you would like to take up?
  4. What all cost heads and overheads to achieve that deal size and your target customer?
  5. You alone will handle everything or more people needed to handle this business activity wise?
  6. Who will be the manager / executor in your business to run the show
  7. Which Market your will address or work for
  8. Where your head office will be for controlling your business
  9. Finances needed and sources to raise those finances
  10. Acquiring necessary skills from the market to run the business
  11. Build your network covering all aspects of your business. Like here in fruits and vegetables, you need grading, sorting, storage, labour for loading & packaging, transportation, accounting / billing etc.

Above is the guideline to arrive at and to understand yourself, what exactly you will do and how.

Vegetable and Fruits market profitability can fluctuate, depending on your location, availability of produce and customer support or market demand.

Having great experience in the cultivation and preparation of fruits and vegetables adds value and can make your business successful.

Though the market is quiet attractive you can handle below mentioned risks through your skills and knowledge in this market to make it successful:

  • Perishability of fruits and vegetables
  • Demand and supply bridge based on the seasonal produce
  • Controlling proper grading, quality etc.
  • Storage, transportation, damage costs
  • Security for your deal payments (Typically it is cash and carry business, but when you do big deals, it attracts credit facility, so you should be prepared to handle the cash flow and timely payment collection)

Your Network, Marketing and Sales plays an important role in this business. Your web presence also adds value and technology implementation improves and makes your execution smooth.

Always begin your work with small deals and increase your network and relationship within the market to scale it further.

This Fruits and Vegetable market is quiet attractive so control your excitement and play safe.

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