Our Offerings:

Corporates, Manufacturing Industries, Farmers etc. can take benefit of our below mentioned services as per their needs.


Green Farming Practices

  1. Developing a standardised procedure for organic and subsistence farming.
  2. Timely training and encouragement for farmers to adopt traditional farming practices.
  3. Regular parameter testing of soil environment, farm produce, etc.
  4. Developing a Voluntary standardization for Green

Renewable Energy Partnerships

  1. Building strategic partnerships for Solar energy harvesting on farms.
  2. Scoping Biogas plant from agricultural waste through subsidies.
  3. Developing scope of wind energy harvesting through small motor turbines.

    Green Investments

    1. Developing opportunities for investors to grow their capital by investing in Super growing agricultural sector.
    2. Creating Green channel investment bonds such as carbon credit schemes.
    3. Maximising returns by taking advantage of the govt. Schemes and subsidies available in the sector.

    What all we can do for you:

    You may choose all or any of the below activities in sustainability domain as per your

    • Individual Service Scoping (Includes research & report)
    • Project Scoping Documentation
    • Project Implementation Strategy
    • Turnkey Project Consultancy