Contract Farming

At present we have entered into Essential oils / Sugarcane / Onion / Grapes through contract farming.

The global size of the market is really huge compared to the contribution of India. It is a rewarding option for the farmers and investors both.

We are also focusing on the Herbal sector which is also beneficial for farmers and investors. Agri Companion India plans to do contract farming for Medicinal and Herbal Plants in coming years

Our aim is always focusing on the land, climate and catering to the market demands to make farming a profitable industry through our contract farming business model. We are end to end solution provider in farming activity. Our goal is to change the perspective to look at farming from liability to profitability. Traditional ways of farming needs to change along with the changing times. A crop needs to be looked as a product. Here the role of Agri companion India comes. And we don’t stop here but we do take care of it until the end product reaches its destination. We are a bridge between the producer and user to smoothen the process. Our research and tie-ups in this field are reaping benefits for everyone. This sector is going to boom globally as well as in India. As an early adopter we are definitely going to have an advantage.

We have upgraded ourselves with changing times and changing crops. Our standardized processes are taking care of the farmer’s efforts. In depth research, scientifically proven methods, constant monitoring and feedback helps to get better yield. A solid infrastructure, climate controlled nursery, fertilizer supply, transportation under one roof makes it easier and cost effective. Each stage is carefully monitored from production, packaging and shipment to the final destination.

Since 2015 we have invested in agri infrastructure and a professional team to gather expertise of agriculture consultancy under one roof. We have been hand holding 300+ plus farmers by doing contract farming on 600+ acres land across India and we are adding more and more contracts of farming.

Who can be part of our contract farming:

  • Farmers having land but unable to cultivate
  • Corporates wants to invest or wants to do agriculture / farming operations for their own companies or taking produce to the market.
  • Investors (Who wants to become modern farmer without having agriculture land or / and no knowledge on farming, but wants to become “Modern Farmer” and earn tax free income.

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