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Our Offerings: Corporates, Manufacturing Industries, Farmers etc. can take benefit of our below mentioned services as per their needs. Green Farming Practices   Developing a standardised procedure for organic and subsistence farming. Timely training and encouragement for farmers to adopt traditional farming practices. Regular parameter testing of soil environment, farm produce, etc. Developing a Voluntary […]
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Service 3

Contract Farming

With Landscop you can depend on consistent horticultural practices and excellent customer service. We provide lawn care services to meet the seasonal needs of your property.
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Trimming, pruning and vigorous growth and maintain a pleasing appearance, shaping branches to promote healthy, . A well-tended garden improves the attractiveness of your property.
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Service 5

Seedlings & Plants Supply

If you want a sweet garden of flowers and fruit, Anything embarrassing hidden in the middle of text Lorem Ipsum available, we are the ones who will make them, . Sed get sit ame egestas, cursus felis quis.
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Service 6


A weed outbreak is a danger to your beloved garden, which must be prevented in any way. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellent esque dignissim eros a sapien tempus.
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