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Bharat: a nation is known for its agricultural heritage across the world since centuries. Vast lands, rich natural resources and a variety of crops are associated with the sub-continent. Unfortunately, still it is not considered as a profitable and respectable business. Lately it’s known for farmer’s suicides due to lack of profitability, climate change and many factors. Even though the survival of the world population depends upon the farmers, the survival of the farmer himself seems very difficult. There are many questions but the underlying answer is changing the perspective and approach towards farming. The whole world is adapting to new technologies, new ways of communication and commerce. Following the vision of our Prime Minister’s “Atmnirbhar Bharat”; we at Agri Companion India are focusing on strengthening the nation’s pillar through new ways of farming. Agri companion India is coming forward as a friend and guide for the farmers. We are going to lead new ways of farming in the future. Let’s find out how!
Farming in General
Things needed for farming: Land, air, nutrients, water and sunlight.
5 things that farmers grow: Food crops, Feed crops, Fibre crops, oil crops, Ornamental crops and Industrial Crops.
3 types of farming in India: Subsistence farming (family farming for own use), Commercial farming (growing for sale in the market), Home farming (terrace farming & gardening).
Steps involved in farming: Ploughing, Sowing, adding nutrients, Irrigation, Protecting, Harvesting and Storage.
Farming in India – Impacting Factors
The agricultural practices, cropping patters and their productivity are closely determined by the geo-climatic, socioeconomic and cultural-political factors. In fact, agriculture of any region is influenced by the following factors:

Farmers in India – Pain areas
Small and fragmented land-holdings – Small & scattered holdings
Seeds – Good quality seeds are out of reach
Manures, Fertilizers and biocides – Lack of land replenishing / caring years after year
Irrigation – Unreliable and erratic irrigation
Lack of Mechanisation – Still manual intervention & lack of usage
Soil Erosion – Wind & water impact to fertile land
Agricultural Marketing – Produce sold at throw-away price
Security of Capital – Capital locked in land & stocks
Farming – Not an Easy Task? – We make it easier for you
What is Modern Farming?
Modern agriculture is an ever-changing approach to agricultural innovations and farming practices that helps farmers increase efficiency and reduce the amount of natural resources needed to meet the world’s food, fuel and fibre demand.
By applying modern technology, farmers are gaining more profits and able to increase their productivity of yield.
Modern agricultural practices emphasize production, capital gain, input intensity and crop consistence.
Modern farming methods which are used nowadays are Agribusiness, Intensive Farming, Organic Farming and Sustainable Farming.
Farmers are now able to buy and sell their products in the world market.
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